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We all know more-nill-ugh and googhoul (i.e. the ghoul of goo) are the devil, and not just figuratively, but literally represent the devil and promote his ideals. So, I was so excited to discover Brave, especially because it was developed by the wrongfully-ousted CEO of mozilla because of what he rightfully believes. It’s awesome to see him come back and sock it to em with this new browser and the brave, Lion of Judah is the perfect logo. I’ve even gone so far as to tell everyone I know about it and encourage them to use it. BUUUUUUUT…it still has a ton of bugs before it’s going to be the “David” that ousts the the self-declared “goliaths” of browsing…here are a few reasons, reporting as a non-novice after using the browser for several months…would love to get some solutions for the following…

  1. CRASHING - probably the biggest problem…lately the browser crashes almost every time I start typing in a web page and quite strangely - the header completely disappears and the bottom of the webpage with the download section starts creeping up the page - forcing me to quit the entire browser and start over again…specific sites like yahoo (also the devil) can never be entered without this happening…maybe Brave is just devil resistant, but, unfortunately, we live in this world polluted by him

  2. WON’T LOAD WEBPAGES - like the first one but without the crashing - it just won’t load pages that other browsers will load no matter how many times you retry the page

  3. WON’T PLAY VIDEOS - despite updating adobe flash, et al, there are many videos that just won’t play on brave, including news pages, etc

  4. TABS MOVE TO WRONG LOCATION - rearranging tabs is a nightmare - when you move one tab it moves a different one instead, sometimes several, that you didn’t even touch…it becomes a frustrating shell game to try to figure out what tabs will be disrupted and there seems to be no rhyme nor reason…other times tabs disappear completely under other tabs

  5. ANNOYING BANNERS AT TOP - the top of every page has a “Would you like Brave to remember this password” or something similar. The problem is it never goes away unless I click on it, forcing me to do additional work. Letting it hover for 30 seconds like other browsers do is fine, but don’t take over my webspace. Sometimes there are 3 at a time that just sit there. Also, even when I do click on it the same one pops up again next time. Attack of the banner invasion.

  6. MISSING CURSOR - often the cursor will simply be missing from a point of entry so you won’t really know if the words will appear in the space until you start typing

  7. IMAGES DON’T APPEAR - images don’t appear in some emails, etc

These are just a few that come to mind that force me to go “privately” slinking back to firefolks and crumb, but I would rather stay on Brave if these can get fixed so I can continue to sing your praises.

I welcome and thank you for your advice on how to fix these issues and/or the necessary updates…thank you!

(btw: i have cleared both the cache and cookies)


Hi @sheen

Thanks for taking the time to write all of this out. Here are some responses:

  1. I think the way you described your issue, this already logged item will cover it: https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/8574

2&3. When on one of those pages, have you tried clicking on the shield icon and turning shields off to see if the page loads? If this still doesn’t work, could you provide some examples so we can investigate?

  1. Based on your description of the issue, I think this logged item will cover it: https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/10961

  2. I believe it is by design that the banners remain until you allow/deny so that we can remember your decision for next time (if you select the ‘remember this decision’ checkbox). However, if you don’t want Brave to remember your username/passwords, you can go to Preferences > Security. Under ‘Passwords and Forms’ select ‘Don’t manage my passwords’.

  3. We have an issue logged for this that we are currently trying to get consistent steps to reproduce. If you have some and would like to share, that would be a big help for us. You can post the steps here in this community. As far as we know, minimize and then maximize again should resolve the issue. Also, for your information, this is the item we have logged for this: https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/10299

  4. Could you try putting shields down for this one as well?


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