Want to export cookies and settings to new tablet


I’m planning to retire my main tablet and use a new one.

I would like to export my Brave cookies from the old tablet and import them to the new tablet. Is there a way to do this?

I belong to one anonymous forum which uses cookies to track users and their posting privileges. It takes some months of participating to get full access on this forum, but there is no login - the tracking of users is all cookie-based. That’s why it’s important for me to be able to export and re-import the cookies.

Is it possible to do this? I have a file manager app but I don’t know where to look for the cookies for Brave.


Hi @raingoddess,

I’m not sure if it’s possible. I think Brave on Android have no this functionality, yet.
cc @LaurenWags @Serg @samartnik


Yes, it’s not possible yet unfortunately


Wouldn’t all of the cookies be stored in the same location, and wouldn’t that location be the same on all android installs?

If I want to copy the entire folder of cookies to the new tablet, where is the location (where Brave cookies are stored?


I searched everywhere on the remarkable support site and incredibly they have nothing on EXPORTING files. Since I would want to mainly use it as a personal journal, eventually I am going to want to EXPORT what I write to my laptop and or potentially print it in the future. Can anybody answer…

https://cleanmaster.me/ https://facebooklite.vip/ https://mathway.vip/


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