Wallets disconnected but not really

Hello, before formatting the computer, I disconnected my account from my brave wallet and reinstalled the OS on my PC. I re-installed Brave and when I added my wallet, it blocks linking because my account has already reached the link limit. I have on another PC and on my Brave Smartphone, even on my phone I deactivated Brave but keeps telling me that I have reached the limit. Is there a way to manually delete all old devices that didn’t disconnect properly?

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Hi and welcome
suggest you take a look at this
hope it helps


Your not alone, thousands of us having tried that I.d. number crap.

I have several times. I no longer waste my time viewing the ads. I Shut down Brave. And I come here monthly to see if the scam has been fixed. I have viewed tens of thousands of ads that I am sure Brave took credit for. After a year of that silly shizz. (Last October.) I said no more and shut it down. Mozilla for now.

I keep √ ing back for a fix. Now Gemini and Brave have an issue. Go figure… No ad views is the answers. If we all did that, maybe the big max device connection fix would come…?

Thanks a lot, it was usefull!

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