Wallet. WON'T reset. Can't uninstall. Can't delete

Many of us are locked out because they are confused by company wording.

More accurate directions should read: “In this next step we will show you a phrase. Copy it safely in the numerical order it is presented, as in the next step you will be required to select words from this phrase (you will not be given an option. You do not create anything. “You can use” this, but moreover you NEED this to access your wallet!)”

The user is not offered an option beyond clicking an unknown box. The box is not interactive beyond that so the user opts to click these boxes. When nothing happens we think we’ve missed the place in which we “opt” to “create” when really there is nothing to opt for nor to create. So confusedly, we move forward, back or refresh looking for an input text field or something to click. In my case, and I suspect others, I simply quit setup before completing this step thinking I could do it when I find a pen.

I’ve done everything written in posts multiple times to no avail. Reset fails. Steps suggested to address the issue through the wallet also fail, as there is no way to access those points of reference. Everything is blocked. WON’T reset. Can’t uninstall. Can’t delete. What now?

(sidenote: how do we block or flag moderators who bully your users?)

@Key I’m confused in what you’re saying. When you go to create your Wallet, you get the following:

So on this, it told you to keep it all and it tests you to make sure you have all the details.

I’d like to know where you’re grabbing your screenshot from. It generally is also helpful if you would do things like provide details on which version of Brave you’re using as well as which OS.

How are you trying to reset?

Which steps are you referencing? I mean, if you want to reset the Wallet and start over, you just go to settings and reset it. SettingsWeb3

You can uninstall Brave. If you’re saying it can’t be uninstalled, then you have a much larger issue and would seem not to be a legitimate version of Brave.

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