Wallet Unreachable Problems

Wallet Unreachable message does not go away.I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting into uphold multiple times but the wallet unreachable message does not disappear.
Screenshot 2020-07-11 09.05.47

Happens to me once in a while, I think it depends on your internet connection, by the way, are you using mobile or desktop?

Don’t panic, just reconnect your wallet.

Desktop. I disconnected and reconnected and this keeps showing up . It does say wallet is verified.

Screenshot 2020-07-11 09.29.52

Be patient, technically, it doesn’t harm your BATs, just keep trying, maybe there’s a problem somewhere else.


reconnect your wallet

@DFader there’s X close button at upper right of the message.


I totally missed that! lol.It has been resolved. Thanks!