Wallet Unlinking Request form...lame...try again

I recently found the answer to unlinking devices so that new devices can be linked. This is done through the wallet unlinking request form. This is lame. It took you over a year to come up with THIS?!? Try again! Linking and unlinking devices to an account is nothing new. Of the software that I personally use with this restriction, there is an option within the settings that allows you to unlink a device. The restrictions are X amount of verifications within a 30 day period.

I did the form and they still have not devicted my wallet

How long do they take to do that process?

Mine either. Wouldn’t answer my question in this forum either.

We are working on removing wallet unlinking limits entirely. For now, if you want to open up a slot please submit a wallet unlinking request and your requests will be processed in the order they come.
We appreciate your patience.