Wallet randomly changes values

So to give some context, the Brave Wallet re-enabled itself (as it often do) after I updated to 1.44.110.
I have one Ethereum wallet set up in it, containing only stablecoins over several networks. Yet when checking the graph, there are big jumps and downs in asset value.

In all three screenshots below, the value jumps to various amounts (up to x1.3 for 1W and up to x2 for 1M and 3M) that do not reflect the real value of assets.

The One-Year graph is even worse, starting at 6x the value of assets and slowly decreasing over time to reach the almost-actual* value.

The All Time graph is pretty much the same as the One-Year graph, except it starts at roughly 250x the value.

*I say “almost actual” because the value displayed by hovering over the graph is not the correct one.

Hi @talgeeze

are you on desktop ? Would you be able to tell me the list of stablecoins so I can try recreate the issue ?



Tether USD (USDT), USD Coin (USDC) and Dai (DAI).

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