Wallet options , uphold have crazy fees

hey, Must we choose uphold? cant our wallet be stored anywhere else ?. is it a company under BRAVE ?.. this is kinda F*ckd

- ฿ 0.00259674 BTC

  • Amount
    - ฿ 0.0017216 BTC
  • Network fee

- ฿ 0.0003 BTC

  • Withdrawal fee
    - ฿ 0.00057514 BTC

+ ฿ 0.0017216 BTC

that mean roughly 12 dollors will be 7 dollors if witdrawn,

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I would choose to have them pay you out in ETH. Then send it to Coinbase and convert it for free to BTC…

That is if you are being paid your full balance…

is this possible ?. or is it how u would choose it?


Yes, for now a verified Uphold account is required in order to receive the contribution. The team is working on other method so publisher can do KYC and use their own wallet.


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