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Additional Information:The main problem I was facing was when I restored my phone all the data was gone including the brave browser. I am currently using the new barve browser. Please help me to connect to Uphold wallet&delete my old account and connect to the new Brave @BraveSampson @BraveSupport https://t.co/dwQ1JE3ySz

Please remove my old brave browser account.and relink my new brave browser account…or merge

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If you are getting a device limit reached message, follow the instructions in the link below to unlink one device. There is no way to merge accounts.

How to Submit a Wallet Unlinking Request

The March Brave reward has not arrived in my wallet. Until last night (7/4/2022) it was shown that today would come.I.e. coming on 8/4/2022. But this morning, the Brave browser shows that I got the reward.I have not yet received my wallet reward.

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Same issue with me how I can resolve uphold wallet demand 2 bat then wallet create …how can I do …

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