Wallet link limit reached (forever a problem?)

im on my 5th month now without rewards. using brave on my phone, laptop and my dektop.

i am so frustrated on how much i use the product, but cant get the benefits because i used to use the products on my old computer, phone and desktop. why isnt there an unlink function.

even when i was in possesion of my old devices i couldnt find any real place to delink these.

i found a guide in here how to request a single unlinking. but how can it be this much of a pain to the users? and the amount of technicals we have to do in order to do a request and still only one link can be removed?

how can this be set up like the users will own the same devices for the rest of their lives?

i am beyond unimpressed… im frustrated that this seems like such an easy function in icloud, or onedrive or any other linking system…

i feel like they are forcing me to stop using their product? benefits gone out the window… 5 months ago… even tho’ im a daily user on multiple devices…

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