Wallet Issue connecting to ImmutableX and Axie Infinity

when will the Implement ‘wallet_requestPermissions’ and ‘wallet_getPermission’ for compat with HTTPS://market.x.immutable.com/ and others will be implemented



i can’t get access to immutable X and the app crash when i try to connect with my axie.infinity account since the wallet update. I try my seed phase in metamask and its opens a new different wallet.

For the axie.infinity report I added an issue here to investigate:

I’ll take a look at it soon.

For ‘wallet_requestPermissions’ and ‘wallet_getPermission’ they are implemented in Brave 1.35.x. You can use Brave Nightly or Brave Beta in a couple days if you want early access. Otherwise it will be released at the start of Feb on Release channel.

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Could you share which version of the browser you are using?
You can see it at the top of brave://version/

Brave is up to date

Version 1.33.106 Chromium: 96.0.4664.110 (Official Build) (x86_64)

Could you help explain how you interface with Axie Infinity? I understand what it’s about but I don’t play it. When I looked it wanted me to download a dmg to install. Is it a separate app or is it interfacing with Brave Wallet?

Could you also give more steps on how to reproduce the crash you described in ImmutableX?

1.34.80 was release yesterday and the issue for wallet_getPermission is slated for 1.35.x at the start of February. I’m aware that’s not available in the version you’re using, but not aware of how you are reproducing a crash.

Yes the game perse is in another app and i can play it… its crashes the UI marketplace when you interact with the wallet sending or making a withdraw when the ronin extension wallet interact with the brave extension wallet … when you sing the transaction!

My issue is with Immutable X, but I tried importing wallet to Brave Beta and a new wallet appeared when I did. It imported new wallet. My only main concern is Immutable X and the rewards that end in early February. I can’t access the immutable X site with my original wallet. Any suggestiions?

Could you please post a new issue, it is better to have 1 topic per posted issue.
Please include details about what the problem you are having on Immutable X is.

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