Wallet is not connecting anymore with ledger after I connected with burgerswap

Hi Guys!

Till yesterday it was a joy to use the brave wallet together with the ledger Nano S.
However yesterday I checked Burgerswap and connected it with the wallet.
Since that nothing is working.
First I noticed that I don’t get any confirmation on the ledger when I wanted to withdraw at Sushiswap.
I restarted Brave,then rebooted my mac.Still did not worked.
Then I removed the account from the Wallet.
I was not able to connect the ledger with the brave wallet anymore.
I also tried to connect metamask on chrome with the ledger.I got the same issue there too.
Of course I refreshed brave to the latest version,I refreshed the firmware of my ledger too.
I run out of ideas how to solve this issue.
Please help me out:)

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