Wallet in Brave browser

Description of the issue: What wallet launches from Brave? It looks like MetaMask.
How can this issue be reproduced?

2. Cannot sign in with Uphold pw. Cannot sign in with current MetaMask pw.

Expected result: I want to log into wallet that launches when Web3 Dapps launch wallet.

Brave Version( check About Brave): V 1.8.96

Additional Information: It is not inherently clear what wallet is launching in Brave. For example when I am on Hedgie.io and want to save NFT’s and erc20 tokens.
I hope I am making sense here. Let me know what other info might be helpful.
Thank you

Thanks for reaching out.
It is essentially a MM wallet that’s built into the browser directly. You can change whether or not you want it to be the default wallet for use in the browser by going to Menu --> Settings --> Extensions:

More information on how to use the wallet here:

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Thank you. I appreciate your help!

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