Wallet for New York State

so i have BAT to Migrate - But I can’t make a wallet because i live in new york state - any plan, or will my BAT be lost/stolen? - please confirm

@SpartaCuse Unfortunately this is not an alternative at this point in time. Brave is working on expanding options, including to the possibility of on chain BAT payments, but there is no current estimation of when or if these methods will be made available.

What this means is any vBAT you have will need to be tipped to someone if you want to provide them support or you will lose it here at the end of this month when the sunsetting of vBAT occurs.

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Ok, so who can i tip ?

@SpartaCuse well, that’s up to you. Any verified creator. If you don’t know of any verified Creator and don’t care who you’re tipping, I’m always accepting. (I just volunteer my time here, don’t get paid. So always much appreciated). You could do that by going to my Twitter or Reddit and you should see the options to tip.

You can kind of search through Creators at https://bravebat.info/search

Just keep in mind if you search for them on the bravebat.info, sometimes they aren’t verified anymore. So make sure it shows such as image on the URL when you visit. Then when you open it, will show more details such as (Just did two random screenshots to show you how it mentions Verified Creator):




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