Wallet emptying at an alarming rate

An hour ago I was alarmed by my monthly contribution rate, every time I refreshed main page my wallet showed another 5 BAT’s being tipped. This shouldn’t happen since I’ve only tipped duckduckgo 5 BAT’s monthly since the browsers major update, and my total contributions since 2017 should more or less account for 500 BAT’s at max. I’m hoping this is a bug, and is there a way for me to reclaim my “lost” tokens?


Oh that looks funny much be some bug first time I ever heard about something like this

Hi @cosmonaut sorry for the inconvenience here but hopefully we can get this sorted out. Would you mind DM’ing me a couple of things? First the contents of your brave://rewards-internals and second, your ledger state file, which on Windows you should find here:


I´m my account uphold, automatic BAT shipments are taking place through my uphold account with the brave rewards option deactivated
So I can’t use my bat account because I lose everything I invest
How can I get my bat back?

Try restoring your wallet with your seed phrase might help.
I’m losing all confidence in this project
I had 185 BAT in my wallet and had a monthly tip set up of about 20 BAT suddenly I see my whole wallet was included in the monthly tip and now its all gone … I have no way of tracing where those tips went and why the wallet tipped my entire contents. I have posted a question on here and no answer to this. No way am I loading anymore BAT into this wallet or tipping anymore I think I’ll sell what I have left and move on, to risky imagine if I had thousands of BAT in it

If I see no solution from the support, I will not put BAT again because they will be lost equally, I suppose they corrected the error, but I see the error quite serious

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