Wallet "Disconnected"

I keep trying to connect my browser to Uphold but every time I am just redirected back to the “Authorize application”
I click on “Disconnected”

Then I click “Authorize”

Then “login”

I enter my email and password

Then I am sent right back to the “Authorize application”. My wallet remains disconnected.

Galaxy Tab S

Can you help?


@Mattches @GreenBananaPorridge @Adrian_02 @SaltyBanana please take a look at this


Hey @Louiburg !

Can you try it again with Shields turned off?


Hi @GreenBananaPorridge,

I have and just attempted it again with shield turned off. It still just returns to the authorization page.


Is there a limit to the number of devises/browsers that can be verified on an uphold account? Because I have four other devices with Brave that are verified.


Yes, there is a limit of four verified devices per Uphold account. If you already have four devices linked, then this is likely the reason you’re seeing this issue.

Ok…lol That may have solved this issue. I will have my gf open her own account and reverify her brave to to it. I will post here after to inform if resolved.

Thank you!!!


@Mattches I think it is necessary to ad a question asking how many wallets have been verified using the same Uphold account, even if in this case the user didn’t filled the template :grimace: