Wallet disconnected without any reason

Why my wallet disconnected from uphold without any reason?

Can you help me? @eljuno

Is if I connect again will decrease wallet verification limit?

Yes same here
But in Uphold it shows under authorized application can’t seem to figure out how this would have happen

It was showing disconnect and when I clicked on it it automatically verified my uphold but now in uphold it is showing two Brave cards
earlier it was 1, now I’m worried if it will be counted as two different one’s

I have more or less the same problem

Oops. Your wallet is inaccessible.
Do not worry. This can happen for various security reasons. Reconnecting your wallet will resolve this issue.


@ariffudin - have you tried reconnecting your wallet?

Hi can you answer my query too

@steeven I not yet re-verificate again

@steeven and why if new update I always found error like wallet corrupted, ads received decreased, estimated pending reward decreased, and now wallet disconnected?

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