Wallet disconnected but June rewards still arriving? Where?

A funny situation is happening with me here.

I was getting a very less amount of BAT from last few months exactly, so my BATs were just getting stacked in the ‘Estimated Earnings’ every month.

I am from India and recently the support from wallets have been disconnected for India. But as I was already verified and been using this for years now, I never had to deal with the ‘unsupported region’ issue people have been experiencing these days. Like Brave said, those who are already connected won’t be affected. I was getting these few amounts of BAT till the May payout cause after that my wallet disconnected for some reason and now the unsupported region problem is here. The issue is not this, this is the back story.

Since I am disconnected, I thought my amount would just be in the browser, right? But look at this below, my BAT June rewards are transferring but where? Have no idea what is going on here anymore. And look at the amount, now that I am disconnected, I am getting the whole amount lol.

Screenshot 2022-07-03 002204

Need someone who can explain this. It would be great help. I was using Gemini Wallet before it got disconnected automatically.

@Saoiray you seem very active, maybe you can help?

It’s a mystery! lol. To be honest, the only notice that Brave put out is that once you get disconnected, you’ll get that error and won’t be able to connect to Uphold or Gemini due to unsupported region. They never said everyone would be immediately disconnected or blocked. So the big question is whether anyone who happened to remain connected will receive their payment at Uphold or Gemini, if it’s going to attempt to send to them but be denied (therefore being stuck between), if will only pay out and arrive within your browser, or what?

Quite frankly, I’m waiting to hear back as well. Until then, it’s that mysterious gray area where we have no definitive answer.


Well, I guess we gonna be waiting for their response. And if you get a chance to talk to them, raise this issue for me? Not that I will be getting these BATs soon but it’ll be nice to hear the backend story of this.

Meanwhile, lets hope these BATs are still transferring to my wallet. Maybe it logged out of my system and not their server. :relieved:

@maniesh I forget if I ever linked to you, but check out Psa: updates from brave call

I asked about India specifically and they answered. They are working on it but it just became a nightmare due to legalities and all. Nobody is saying specifically who screwed up or how, only that mistakes have been made and so they had to stop with regions for a short period.

Also, they have advised they are looking at a new option here soon.

In the meantime, users facing a situation in which they have no custodial option and need to back up their current vBAT can manually copy-paste/back up their /brave-browser folder (at least on desktop), which will contain their vBAT at the time of manual backup. They can find a path to it in brave://version.

So they are saying big changes coming to Rewards soon. But haven’t said much else about it yet. I’m hoping they’ll reveal on Tuesday if we have the next Community Call then.

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Yeah, a lot of things are changing here too in India regarding all the web3 services. Must be where all of this screwed up. Anyway, thanks for the info and links.

Looking forward to this next community call. Thanks again.

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