Wallet disconected

Hi! I have a problem with my wallet, it disconnected and i can’t connect it , i also tried to log in, in Uphold but i can’t do it, what should i do?

i’m from brazil and i’m also this problem will this browser really pay?

Hi Massacre, have you tried uninstalling? Maybe that will fix it, but i don’t want to risk

I can not uninstall, but I am not receiving ads and I am using vpn in the United States, I will hang up and test again, any questions I will answer.

link - https://status.brave.com/

Why you can’t? Mhhh there’s an option to restore wallet but i’m not sure if is secure to use it. is a pity that no one help us here

Is there anyone from the support team here that can help me?. It’s a shame no one seems to care.

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