Wallet Binance for recover BAT

Hello, I would like to know if it is planned in the future that we can use the binance wallet to recover the BAT ? is it in project?

Not quite sure. Brave is trying to get as many Providers for Custodian wallets to connect to rewards but it isn’t as easy as we think. A lot of Negotiations from both sides on various terms and conditions have to be made and a whole bunch of other things. You can try to request Binance to add Brave rewards under the Product suggestions menu- >

Binance Requests

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I will try, thank you for your answer SmartyAadi :smile:

Also, forgot to mention. Brave is in talks with a third Custodian wallet provider to integrate Brave rewards. Brave hasn’t specified which exchange it is or when they’ll add it and will be able to used by us. Brave says once they add, it’ll make users very happy so IDK but could be Binance. Not sure about that though.
It’s only gonna be after Q1 next year though. We’ll have to wait till then to get more specifics, I guess…

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