Wallet asset/token management, ordering & view

It would be great if asset management could be greatly enhanced with some relatively simple functionality:

  • After adding a custom asset, it is not possible to edit the asset afterwards (e.g. to change the icon URL), but the asset must be completely removed first and then added again.
  • Ordering of assets. Currently assets on the portfolio page are ordered by network and then in the order the assets were added. I do not see any option to order assets manually, which would be very helpful though (simply by drag and drop ideally). Same goes for the networks themselves. Within the small wallet view the order of assets seems random and should follow the configured order.
  • Optional grouping of assets in the summary overview for all networks, based on the CoinGecko asset ID (e.g. USDC on Polygon and Fantom would then be shown as one entry for better overview with two indicator icons for the networks).
  • Export and import of asset settings. Adding several custom assets is pretty time consuming and it wold be great if that configuration could be saved with a restore functionality in case things have to be set up again. Could also be used to manually sync them between different machines.
  • Show assets in small wallet view directly without first having to click on “view account assets”; most of the time I’m not interested in the network’s default token.

I also encountered a few bugs in the add custom asset dialog. When a network is selected and then a token contract inserted, other fields would often be filled out/overwritten from a previous add custom asset attempt.

Brave version 1.39.111 Chromium: 102.0.5005.61 (Official Build) (x86_64) on macOS 12.4.

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Hi takerukoushirou,

Thanks very much for the thoughtful and concise feedback. Also apologies on our side for the delayed responses.

I have logged these issues on our board :

Thanks again for this feedback. Keep it coming!

All the best,


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