Wallet account names are (still) not remembered

This bug is a year old (at least) and is SO ANNOYING.

I have multiple Ethereum addresses in my Brave wallet and when I set the name via edit details only the first account name is remembered. The other 8 just resort to “Account 2”, “Account 3”, etc.

If I use the add-on Metamask that has an almost identical UI it works just fine. Why can’t Brave get it right? I know this is not just me as it was reported as a bug in August 2020 and multiple other people piled in with me too comments.

Please can someone look into this?

@Mattches has opened a Github report regarding the issue, unfortunately developers are yet to address the issue.

The latest update from developers was on 21st of July.

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Thanks - I see I previously commented on that bug. What I don’t get is if Metamask works fine why is Brave’s adaptation of it broken?

I can only assume that Brave employees just don’t use the Brave native wallet with more than one account which is kinda shocking. At this point I start to wonder if they want to just ditch it completely and have us all use Metamask extension directly?

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