Wallabagger extension


It would be great to add the Wallabagger extension to Brave. Wallabag is similar to Pocket, but its stance on privacy makes it a good match for Brave IMHO:

  • The server is open-source and can be self-hosted
  • The paid service at https://www.wallabag.it/ makes a very strong statement about respecting user privacy and not sharing data

It has been requested on Github (issue #12125) and discussed in the context of Pocket (issue #516) but doesn’t seem to have been mentioned in these community pages. I’m posting it here to give the request a bit more exposure.


+1 Great Extension, got a Wallabager Docker container running on my server.


+1 I use it inside a FreeBSD Jail, it’s simple to install.
There is also an Android App for that which work great.


+1, I use it every, highly needed :grinning: