Wall Street Journal reader comment section broken. First observed with on android

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Description of the issue:
The comments section is displayed as an empty set:
“SHOW CONVERSATION ()” where within the parentheses would normally be the comment count, which is nonzero. (See instructions to reproduce.) With the empty set displayed like this, no comments are accessible.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Visit wsj.com article that has reader comments (non-zero reader comments count at article head. Unfortunately, this requires a subscription, but I will provide logs or whatever short of a password that is needed).
  2. Click on the comments button.
  3. Display jumps to just past the comment section (longstanding WSJ bug). Scroll back a little and see the empty message count.

Expected result:
“SHOW CONVERSATION (actual comment count)” and access to the comments.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
Pixel 5, latest android 13.

Additional Information:
Latest Chrome does not have this problem, though it is behind Brave on Chromium versions.
The problem has never appeared on my Windows desktop, which is kept current. I just moved from to 138, and neither manifests the problem.

Disregard last sentence in original post. was working right on Windows. 138 has the problem, though.

This also occurs in the latest MS Edge on Windows, and so appears to be a Chromium issue, and varies with tracking prevention strictness.

On my Android problem is consistent. On my Windows desktop, it appears to be timing-dependent; sometimes the comments load properly, sometimes not. This behavior seems independent of whether the page is cached.

This issue appears to have been addressed on the WSJ/server side. Please feel free to close this. Thanks.

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