VPN won't connect on mobile anymore

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Two issues. I have VPN + Firewall on mobile (iphone 12). I have been trying to install on desktop and I just keep going around in circles as I can’t get to the so called guardian 24/7 tech support. In the process, the VPN on my mobile device stopped working. I go into my IOS settings and try to enable the VPN and the toggle just snaps back to off

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Settings on iphone
  2. select VPN toggle on
  3. it snaps back to toggle off

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):
usually it just enables the VPN. the selection won’t stick anymore
Mobile Device details
iphone 12
Additional Information:
beyond this, if I can reset the VPN on my phone, I’d like to enable it on my desktop as my contract allows for 5 devices. the support says to go into Brave settings and VPN + Firewall. I don’t see such a setting. Guardian tech support is supposed to be 24/7 and the community references going to guardian settings. no idea how to find that

try 3 dot menu → Settings → Brave VPN. And there should be an option to reset the vpn configuration

the cross platform vpn feature coming soon, it’s not available yet

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