VPN Widget for iOS

Hello Brave Developers and Community!

I want to start by saying I’m new to Brave (came from Chrome) but I love it! All the privacy features are amazing! Super fast, and functions just like Chrome, if not better. Its creepy to see the stats when you log in haha

Anyways, I’ll keep this brief; following are my requested features and my case for them. I hope that it’s helpful!

Feature: VPN Widget for iOS

Example: Following is a link to an image that I got off the brave.com/firewall-vpn website.

My Case for the feature: The VPN+Firewall feature is great; however, there are certain apps that I use often (as I’m sure is the case with others) which require me to disable the VPN to function properly. Instead of having to find and open the app (I also use Face ID on my app, which slows this process down even more) it would be very helpful to have a widget where I could directly toggle the VPN+Firewall on/off without having to open the Brave browser. IMO this wo make the VPN feature so much more functional and user friendly.

Thanks for your time!