VPN users are excluded in the ads/reward system?

The ads/reward had been an on/off experience for me before. Now it seemed to get stuck at zero ads/reward despite it being enabled all time.
I read that when the locale and VPN servers that the users are behind does not match (which is often the case), it breaks the BAT reward.

I wonder if there’s a way out of this or it’s designed to sabotage VPN users. What locale does the browser read (system or browser)? I do not use VPN either but a proxy server setup for the linux system and the browser.


Interesting questions. I don’t know enough about the subject to give you any answers, sorry. But now I’m wondering too what IP address Brave checks when using a proxy server (without a VPN, I think VPN doesn’t apply anyway, at least not on windows). If it checks the proxy server IP and it is a rotating IP, that may be a problem. What would be a workaround in that instance? Could you circumvent any problems by changing the proxy settings for whatever OS you are using? Could be a nightmare for the non-tech savvy (like me lol). Hopefully someone in the community can help answer, really hope so. Interesting topic. :smiley:

Your account may have been flagged. You should check the PSA: User FAQ topic pinned to the top of the Rewards Support category. It has some troubleshooting information that may help. If your account has been flagged, the only a moderator can unflag it. The PSA FAQ topic provided information on how to DM a moderator if you think you account has been flagged.

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Things like that are stated. Then most important and relevant part is ‘ You may not make any attempt to view ads not intended for your region.’

@Saoiray He doesn’t use a vpn but he does use a proxy server which is pretty common. I don’t think he is attempting to view ads not intended for his region, just wondering if his proxy server is interfering with ad views in any way.

I’m wondering the same thing as there are so many different options for proxy servers and proxy server settings nowadays. I don’t think “one size fits all” is an answer.

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Brave is never fair in this business, everytime we will be losing in case they are getting paid by advertisers and us who did viewing claiming nothing in wallets!:relieved:

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Sorry, I wrote the initial as I was getting ready for errands. Let me put the rest of the info here now.

Primarily it goes by your literal Locale, which is a setting in Windows and all. It’s your “Region.” But that does vary by your OS. For example, changing language from English-US" to English-IN" will say you moved from United States to India, and therefore it affects your ads that way.

Yet also in talking to people and troubleshooting, we (users) have been able to determine that Brave is actually looking at both your Region as well as your IP address. If those two things don’t match, then it creates conflicts where you might see ads but they won’t be counted or you won’t earn BAT.

We can always look at brave://rewards-internals and then click on the Ad diagnostics tab to see which ad region it’s showing us in at that time. If it sees us moving back and forth or if our data doesn’t match, it’s going to be a flagged for violation of the Terms of Use in regards to accessing ads not intended for our region.

In regards to proxy vs vpn, I’m not that knowledgeable of the difference and am not about to look it up. If it does hide or spoof your region, I imagine it would be a conflict within the Terms, as they have no idea of knowing where you’re at. Keep in mind this is in part due to their legal responsibility with the people paying to have their ads shown. What good is it for a business that only operates in Ireland to have me, in Florida, see their ad? They want to target people near them so they can draw in business and make a profit. If Brave isn’t doing something to make sure they honor that contract with the business to only show ads to people in that region, then they’d be screwed. It also wouldn’t go too well in getting future businesses to pay for ads. So that’s one of the primary reasons.

I get that. But they also included a lot of information and some general questions, which I was responding to.

Also, that blanket thing is helpful in identifying how the browser might appear to Brave. If the Proxy is blocking regional information or appearing to be in a different region, then it would be the same issue and philosophy as it is with VPN.

Btw, just as another thing I recently learned from @Mattches is things like Virtual Machines are not compatible with Brave and won’t work in regards to seeing ads and earning BAT. This came up as someone was using Windows 10 but on a Virtual Machine. After lots of troubleshooting, they narrowed it down to that and let us know. So there’s lots of little things they don’t always spell out in Terms or other places, but we watch and learn. Then it’s about sharing.

Well, I was responding to your post before you posted the additional information. I see that you “got that” now, but didn’t at the time. :laughing:

And thanks for the additional information! Helped clarify how it all works. Unfortunately, it appears there will be some people who just can’t participate in Brave Rewards if they need to have certain set-ups. Unfortunate, but not uncommon. I think it would probably be a nightmare to try and program around every “exception to the rule” out there.

Thank you for the reply. In brave://rewards-internals I do see what locale Brave thinks I use. It’s definitely different from my proxy server location. I guess that’s why I’m having zero ads+rewards now.
I have no intention to manipulate the rewards system but due to my circumstance I can’t change my environment either.
That being said, I think this policy might influence quite a lot of people. I mean, even without proxy/vpn users, there are people choosing EN as the system locale which is different than there IP locations.

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