VPN/ Picture-In-Picture/ Web capture/ Download button position change Request

I have four requests for the future brave browser :blush:

1. Please add your own vpn to the browser.

2. Please improve Picture-In-Picture mode to the browser. (Include Play next/previous/Sound button)

3. Please add Web capture tool for capture a selected area.

4.Please add the Download button to the top right corner of the bookmark bar.

I think both of these features will be valuable to many people... :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you want these features? :thinking:

  • Yes…I want :+1:
  • No…I don’t want :-1:

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First of all, good morning/afternoon/evening, everyone.

First: Picture in Picture, it has always been available to the User, (the image shows it) right clicking on a video also works, in that mini-menu appears Picture in Picture as well.

Second: Since some time ago the Flag [Download Bubble] and the V2 of it have been available. It is not the same, but it would be interesting to see, or to be able to change the position of [Download Bubble] , which I use together with other Flags.

Which I use together with other Flags that facilitate the use of the Browser, as also the Flag *[Enable the high efficiency mode feature in the settings] suspends the windows that are in disuse, windows which you are not seeing, being able to put a time of suspension.

Some of the things you ask for would be fine as an implementation, but you could also opt for Lightshot, it consumes practically nothing, but it’s at your disposal hehe.


I agree with you Emi. But it is always good to get out of doubts, in a way with these posts, it informs of features already available and also encourages feedback from different opinions that Brave could take into account.

Like the Screenshot Flag, but that doesn’t work xd