VPN for Linux desktop

Hello everyone, I have some questions regarding Brave VPN:

Where (in which country jurisdiction) are the Brave VPN servers located?

When will Brave VPN be available for Linux desktops?

How will we know (receive notification) that Brave VPN is available for Linux desktops (other than checking this forum regularlly)?

Thank you,

Thanks for that info, Go-go

Not good…

Why it’s not good? The US doesn’t have data retention policies that apply directly to VPNs

I disagree. You should read snowden leaks in detail. Three letter agencies from US were way too deep into every single web/internet system, spying 24*7.

Eg, Did Switzerland use Pegasus software- No
Did US and A use Pegasus software- Yes

Edit:- A recent example

There’s no such thing as 100% secure. If you have anything leaving the “privacy” of your home through internet or whatever, then someone else always has a way to get it. I think what is being said though is at least your footprints aren’t as bad. Yet, government is always looking for more ways to limit it and also to access your checkbook a bit more, lol.