VPN 0 runnin on raspberry PI (Like mysterium.network)


I am very eagerly waiting for the VPN0 feature.
What I’d really love to see was that you could run a VPN0 node on a raspberry PI.
Then, I could apply them to any network and run them 24/7.
And while I would earn a little BAT (or ETH?), the network could grow much faster.

The only thing that would be very nice is if you could actually set up time periods when the node should lower the amount of traffic.
I am not at home during the week - so I could configure my VPN0 node to support full traffic from monday to friday (during business horus)
Likewhise, I am not in the office on weekends. So I could run a VPN0 node there which supports full traffic on weekends.

What do you think? Would this be a good addition?