Volunteers Needed - beta test of 0.13.0 preview 10


Brave QA could use your help with checking our latest build of 0.13.0.

It is not a release candidate (a higher quality build which has the potential to be given to end users), so we truly do expect you to be able find bugs.

You can find the installer here: https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/releases/tag/v0.13.0dev-Preview7

Just to warn again, this is kinda experimental, so it would be wise to save your data off in a backup.

For OS X users, you can find your data in ~/Library/Application Support/brave
For Windows, %appdata%/brave
For Linux, ~/.config/brave

You’ll want to just copy the brave folder wholesale and keep it in a safe place.

If you find issues, it would be super helpful to reply here with:
Your Operating System and version.
A quick summary of the issue (10 words or less).
Step-by-step instructions for others to try so they can reproduce the issue.
Screenshots or recordings are also super useful.

If you want to post the issue in github instead, please put ‘cc: @alexwykoff’ in a comment so I can know to triage it.

This has some pretty big under-the-covers changes, so we’re particularly concerned with:
extensions (like password managers, pdf, pocket, etc),
performance (page load, rendering, JS), and
web compatibility (does it still work for your favorite sites like prior versions, or did something break. if it didn’t work previously, please open a separate issue instead of replying here)

It would be an understatement to say that your help is appreciated!

Thanks in advance,
Alex - QA Lead


@alex I am happy to test this. Apart from what you have mentioned in the post, is there any testcases for executing ?


@prasanthp96 Common targets would be top sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. We want to make sure the basics work reliably, and that nothing regresses. Additional targets would be Alexa’s Top 500.


Thanks for the info @sampson. I will have a look at those sites.


@sampson @alex I have verified common websites like twitter, gmail etc. working fine. And the pdf extension is also working good. But there is a problem, the browser keeps on crashing once in 15 minutes.
OS: Ubuntu 16.04 GNOME 3.


Does it crash no matter which site you’re on, or what you’re doing? For instance, does it crash if you’re watching a video on YouTube? Does it crash if you have only one tab open, and nothing going on?

Any additional information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


@sampson I did not observe the browser crashing on opening a single tab. It crashed only when I had more than 2 tabs. Even I disconnected my network and tried to run one of my projects locally. There again it froze and I could not quit browser properly.


I found the problem with wallpaper on the new tab (Dashboard) loading slightly slow and show the incomplete image before completely load a full image (image too big). It would be better for having a caching mechanism for Dashboard wallpaper or optimize image size for saving bandwidth.


Platform: Linux 4.9 Ubuntu 16.04.1 Unity, Nvidia Driver 375.26
Summary: Problem with a page with a lot of GIFs. The tab stops working and finally crash.

  1. Browse http://9gag.com/gif?ref=9nav
  2. Normally scroll down about 70 GIFs
  3. Page not response and crash.

Note: I’ve tried it on Google Chrome 57 and It’s work fine.


Thanks for your feedback. I forwarded it to a GitHub repo page:



Thanks for the great work everyone!

Our latest build is available here : https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/releases/tag/v0.13.0dev-Preview10

We would especially love to hear from our Windows and Linux users. Have you noticed anything funky with this build?


We’re live!

Many thanks to @artiya4u @prasanthp96 for pitching in!

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