VolumeSlider is locking up Fbook

I have a ZTE ZMAX PRO.(2017)
I downloaded VolumeSlider because my volume buttons no longer work.
I did not get it from gPlay.
I believe it is locking up on Fbook. Help?

Thank you for reaching out to us.
Can you please send me the exact Volume Slider extension/application you’re using so I can test on my end? Further, do you see this issue in other browsers when using the app or is it just with Brave?

Hi, this is the link.

I have not tried it on any other browser.
It may be F.B.s screwy programming. “Liking” offers a slow response, Sharing also.
I get “Brave is not responding” report, wait, ok . And very slow response.
If I hit “report”, I get “google play is not responding”,and the browser shuts down.
VolumeSlider is not on GOOGLE PLAY.

And to be clear, if you disable the VolumeSlider app everything works perfectly fine?

Yes if I turn the VolumeSlider off F.B. works.
With it on, it works fine at first then starts to slow up, then the report/wait/ok window pops up.
If I wait and continue with F.B. the like/share/vid advance/etc slows down to the point where it locks up, and the report window takes nearly forever to come on.
At the worst point I have to shut off the browser,hit the clear all button on the phone.
And sometimes go to the settings in Brave,and clear out everything(cookies etc).
I would,and may get rid, of the VolumeSlider app,but my phone buttons for volume don’t work.
Thank you for your help.
Paul Glover Knoxville TN.

Thank you for the information.
Can you please test this behavior with another browser? It will help determine whether or not the issue is with Brave (and the VolumeSlider) or if the issue is with the VolumeSlider app itself.

Yes certainly.
Should I use a non chrome based browser?
I just now had F.B. lock up after watching a lot of videos.
VolumeSlider was not on.
Thanks… Paul

Yes, if possible I would perform the test with a browser using the Chromium engine.

Thank you

I tried to download Firefox from g play but no luck.
So I enabled Chrome(don’t like it),and had VolumeSlider on.
All works well.

The Google Oligarchs set up chrome like the M.S. fascists.
Google is the only search engine (I like duck duck go), and it does not allow it to be shut off.

I shut off “allow downloads from unknown sources” to download VolumeSlider. I am going to try Brave and VolumeSlider again.

Did brave make a change?
I uninstalled it,and then tried to reload it onto my phone. Gplay says my phone is not compatible.

We have not made any changes related to this that I know about — further, if you’re getting this message from Google Play, then the issue is a Google Play/Google/Android system issue rather than a Brave issue.

Actually another has informed me that Android 6 is no longer supported by Brave.
So it is a Brave issue.
Thank you for the reply.

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