Volume booster for brave

Hi, I would like to suggest a sound/volume booster which would work within brave.

Try this; https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ultimate-volume-booster/hcfnhafpadfnabbnjnhdfdacolpmdbjo?hl=en

No, doesn’t work in Brave Browser, only in the Chrome browser. Chrome extensions only work in Chrome/Chromebooks from my experience. Thank You anyway for trying to help.

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Worked for me, installed extension. Set the youtube volume to 30% (low enough to show the extension is working). Then I adjusted the volume in the Ultimate Volume Booster extension, It increase the sound easily.

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Hi, the volume booster works only when I am using Chrome; I use a Chromebook. When I overlay the Brave browser, it is cut off from Chrome and so it does not work. Are you telling me that when use Brave, the Chrome extension works there too?

that extension works perfectly for me too … I have Win 10 64 and installed it a few hours ago and it works perfectly with Brave :money_mouth_face:

Extension works on my end. As Brave is a Chromium browser, and so is Chrome, the extensions on the Chrome Web Store are compatible with Brave.

Hi, I hear what you are saying, but this just does not happen. Once I overlay the Brave browser on top of the Chromebook’s built-in Chrome browser, none of the extensions have access, none.

I use a Chromebook, and the extensions ONLY work on the Chrome browser built in to the Chromebook and not in any other browser used on top. Perhaps I need a better computer.

Thanks for suggesting Ultimate Volume Booster. I didn’t know add-ons / extensions with this functionality were available. That said, for me, Ultimate Volume Booster failed in both Brave and Chrome. Any attempt to boost the volume actually mutes the volume. If I then re-load the source, Ultimate Volume Booster's slider re-sets to 100%. And speaking of “100%”, I’d guess it’s 100% likely Ultimate Volume Booster isn’t playing well with other extensions I’ve installed, e.g. Autoplay Stopper and / or some that are security-related or that block content.

@fanboynz — again, thanks for the suggestion; and @Reed — your experience isn’t unique.

Try this great extension, i like it - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/volume-up-boost-your-soun/ipopindlpgjcjccnkijnnamffegjacee

It seems I solved the low volume problem by deactivating the hardware acceleration on brave settings and updating BIOS for my ASUS TUF F15. Hope this helps.

Try this extension, I have been using this extension from past few months. It works always for me: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/volume-booster-plus/ofljijikiakjkfjjhkmalhcjdhndcofl?hl=en&authuser=0

I’m using this extension named “volume master” for this

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