Vivaldi to Brave conversion - HSBC Website

I am in the process of transferring from Vivaldi to Brave and have one big issue when logging into HSBC on-line banking. The transition from entering my User Id to the screen asking for my memorable data and secure code is instantaneous in Vivaldi but takes about 30 seconds at best in Brave with sometimes several Wait/Exit boxes displayed. The page link is
I get the same delay with a Private Window and with all protections turned off.
I’m running Brave version 1.35.103
Can anyone suggest any other things I could try?

Dell Optiplex 755 / Intel Core 2 Duo/ 2.3MHz / 4gb RAM / Intel GMA 3100 Video / 300GB HD / CDRW-DVD / Win 7 Home Premium 32bit / Win 7 Firewall / Kaspersky AV(Free

I am sorry I cannot help you with your question … I was just curious what led to your moving from Vivaldi to Brave … hopefully, somebody else can help you with your question … :slight_smile:

Vivaldi has got a bit obsessed with tab management features and I don’t have a lot of open tabs at the same time. Ofcourse Vivaldi has a mutltude of features but I just wanted a more ‘basic’ browser which had to be Chromium based to allow me to use the extensions I had in Vivaldi. Also I like the privacy options and the private window in Tor. Thanks for you interest.

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