Visual artifacting after android update

I am getting visual artifacting, specifically on the tabs after most recent android update.

Brave version 1.43.90
Android Version 12, One UI version 4.1.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Visual artifacting appears to be caused by hardware acceleration in the other threads I have seen disabling has fixed issue. I do not see a way to do that on mobile. I also never had this issue until most recent android update. I Uninstalled and cleared brave with no change.

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I’m seeing this exact issue too on both my Galaxy S22 Ultra as well as my Galaxy Tab S8. This is a showstopper for me using this browser as at any point I have several tabs open at the same time and I cannot read the title of the tab to know which one I want to access. This is also happening elsewhere when using the browser. Screenshots below:

Also running the same version version of Brave v. 1.43.90 on Android 12

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Same on my tab 8 ultra . When i use google chrome no problems. It happens with tabs.

Getting the same here on my Galaxy S8 tablet. Had to go back to Chrome. Hope this gets fixed.

If anyone is still experiencing this issue, please try the following and post an update.

Enable Vulkan via brave://flags#enable-vulkan

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Had the same issue on Samsung Fold4, confirming enabling Vulkan per Chocoholic’s post above fixes the issue. :+1:t3:

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