Visits and time spent on each site no more displayed on the Rewards Page


I just upgraded my brave browser from v0.26 to Version 0.57.18 and imported the settings from the Old Brave. My biggest unpleasant surprise is the new Rewards Page won’t show the visits count and time spent on each site.

These stats were already implemented. Why did you drop them? Also the ability to include or exclude a specific site or just pin it at a specific percent (ok, this seems to be replaced by the tips feature).



Hi @zbmarius,
Thanks for reaching out.

  • Yes, the time spent and visit is no longer part of the UI. As now, the Auto-Contribution will be more “automatic”. For new users, it’ll be easier.

  • Exclude site should be there. The X icon next to each URL.

  • For pinning feature, yes, more or less you can do it using recurring tips.