Visited Links should change color


I would prefer visited links turn red. If I am on a web page that contains numerous links it makes it easy to determine which ones I have visited. One poster suggested that someone could track your surfing habits if that is done. If that is a concern then make it a user option, including choice of color. The way it was in the good old days. I currently do this in Safari by using a custom CSS style sheet. I don’t see a way to do this in Brave.



Is this request for iOS or Desktop platform??


I have the same wish, for the desktop platform.
The new version of Brave doesn’t seem to support any change in the css files.
Everything I found on the Internet doesn’t work.


Me too. Tried all forms of suggestions from all manner of Chrome-ish browser users. No joy.

Seems this is true across the board for Firefox, Chrome, Brave…