Visited links don't change color


I have a favorite site (a message board) which has many threads. They do not change color after I have clicked on them. Is this a missing feature, or is something wrong with my settings for that site?


Hi @rgnixon

Ya same type of issue report previously. Even I felt visited link don’t have color changed.

Check filed issue


This may be related to a security issue regarding visited links.

Suppose I get you to visit a specially-crafted page that creates a thousand links, adds them to the document, and checks their color. Links that are blue are sites you haven’t visited recently; links that are purple are sites you have visited recently. This method would allow me to fingerprint you relatively easily.

Years ago, nearly all major browsers jointly broke link-styling as a result of this.

This may or may not be related to the issue you’re seeing in Brave, but we will certainly investigate the matter more closely to make that determination. Either way, thank you for reporting the feedback!


Same issue. In my case: Folder full of related pages on my own hard drive, one of which, “index” has links to the others. I expect that when I visit “index”, the files I have visited will show in a different color/font/size or some other mark. I see that links already visited look identical to the ones that have not yet been visited.

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