Visited links are not reset when history is cleared


You know what I hate more than lying: Pretending

That’s what happened here. I have been a Firefox user and I HAD high regard for Brave until recently. Why am I this mad? Cause I am disappointed when Brave actually REMEMBERED what it was not supposed to!

I explicitly chose to CLEAR EVERYTHING upon closing the browser. But it DID NOT. To my shock it REMEMBERED my SEARCH RESULT VISITS (The purple color highlight) and what not.

But why the hell you felt the NEED to LIE like this?


(I am not sure even a MOD will allow this post to go through.)


Hi @wolfy,

This is a known issue. The fix is coming in the next release

As a quick remember. Brave is pre1.0 and the team is workin hard to make it better.
Thank you for your feedback,


it will be fixed with 0.19 release.

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