Virus in brave.exe?

My AVG antivirus reports a virus in brave.exe:

It’s not a virus in brave.exe. It’s a connection to a black listed URL. You might have opened any webpage that had that URL in it, or it might be part of a browser extension. If you see the URL in the details, it’s a PNG image.

Is your Brave browser working normally? Do you get this warning every time you open it? Or was it only once?
If it happens always, try to disable all your extensions. It could be one of them.

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Thanks! I disabled all extensions but still the same problem.

A quick search and I found out that there are many users complaining about AVG blacklisted URLs.
It seems an AVG trouble blocking connections. And it affects browsers and email clients.

First action is to update your AVG definitions. If it does not fix you may need to contact AVG support.


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