Virus from SpigotUnlocked Website! Help!


This post is a warning to anybody in the future who downloads anything from the site spigotunlocked[dot]org
They are giving your computer a virus! I tried to download a free plugin from them, and my computer started breaking and was deleting my files and telling me to pay money!
Don’t ever trust them they are thieves who steal money and work from people!! Beware.

This malware removed all my personal documents and locked my files to weird names, can someone please help me?

So sorry to hear about this, mate. @Mattches @steeven @Saoiray @Chocoholic @Aman_M @rodrige
Any actions you guys can suggest?

The site seems safe, but the mods or plugins hosted on the site are not properly checked. The OP likely downloaded sketchy plugin which infected his device.

Enable Google safe browsing, brave://settings/security

Download malware bytes and run it

It is to be seen how much nefarious the malware/virus is. If it is low level it can be easily removed by nalwarebytes. If it is a high level one, then other stuff will need to be done.

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Thank you for reporting. I’ve edited your original post to make it so that it is not an actual link so users don’t accidentally land themselves there.

This is not a Brave specific issue, but as suggested above, I highly suggest using virus removal software to throughly clean your system.

I’m the Owner of the website we aren’t scams or viruses we are very clear and
if you find anything we have a discord to contact with us or email too


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