Vimeo video player not going fullscreen when the tab is also in fullscreeen

1. Description of the issue:
So when I try to watch a video from a website that’s using Vimeo as their video player, if I enter the tab in full-screen and decide to make the video also full-screen, doesn’t make the video go full-screen.

2. Steps to Reproduce:

a) Open any website that uses the Vimeo video player
b) Make the tab full-screen by using the F11 key
c) Make the Vimeo video go full-screen by pressing either the button underlined in red on the screenshot or the F key
Screenshot of the controls of the Vimeo video player

Expected result:
Screenshot: The video player should take 100% of the width and height of your screen

Here’s a GIF to show what it’s supposed to do

Actual Result:
GIF: I enter the tab in full-screen and click on the “Go full-screen” button on the row of the video player controls, but it doesn’t go full-screen

Reproduces how often: Everytime

Operating System and Brave Version:
Windows 10 and Brave version 1.38.117

Additional Information:
a) It only happens with this particular video player, so it’s possible that Vimeo has small compatibility issues on Brave

b) Once you execute the steps to reproduce the bug, you won’t be able to enter the video on full-screen mode, even when the tab itself isn’t in full-screen mode.

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