Vimeo cookies: Sorry Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here

I think we have all experienced this when trying to watch video hosted with Vimeo.

Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here.

But I can’t set up a good solution for this.

  1. If I set configure the Shield for the current to accept all cookies the Vimeo player look begin to play the video. But that isn’t a durable solution - because guess what is also following along - a bunch a cookies that shouldn’t be allowed.
  2. So I then reset the Shield to block third-party cookies go into the settings brave://settings/content/cookies and set to always allow [*.] and [*.] clear all browser data, restart the browser. But Vimeo is still blocked.

Is there a way to allow certain cookies on certain websites? The Shield won’t let me unblock cookies as I can with scripts. And whatever does into settings have no effect.

Mattches forwarded the problem, it should probably be fixed with an update in the future.

You can read more here.

Allow all cookies and not being able to add an exception for or isn’t a solution. It is a terrible work-around.

Do you have a sample video (or a few?) where this error message appears? and which country region are you viewing from? Went through through a few videos, no error messages so far.

Well you can try this (with the Shields set to block third-party cookies).

third-party cookies blocked

allow all cookies

So in order to view to the video you need to allow Vimeo to set cookies. And there is the problem, since Brave wont allow you to specific / allow a certain third-party site to set cookies. It is either block all third-party cookies (with no exception) or allow all (which is nuts :D).

And when Brave Shields isn’t honouring exceptions added to chrome://settings/content/cookies you can’t really do anything about this.

Interesting, if you view the vimeo video directly does it still play? Also is there another sample site where this happens (another vimeo embedded site?)

I am not quite sure what you mean.

I know there is, I have experienced this quite often. I just can’t remember on the top of my head. Sorry.

Okay, wasn’t possible to view it directly (I checked). If it occurs from another site, add this this thread / or link to this one / create a report. Not sure if its filter related just yet, but worth investigating imo.

I just came across a new example site where this is a problem:

I’d recommend to open github ticket, with a link to these 2 example urls.

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