Viewability of popular video content types (Gif, videos) severely impaired by design. See screenshots



First off, thank you creating such an amazing, forward thinking web browser. I love and support your product and mission. So much so, I’d like to evangelize for you, and provide user feedback in hopes it will affect change.

There’s a big UX problem. One I think would cause early adapters and other folks to steer away from the iOS mobile app.

When viewing gifs and other video content, the content is extremely zoomed in, along with the top hand bar lingering and hard to “swipe away” by swiping down, so you cannot fully see content, and are interrupted by these nuisances.

Most apple users will be conditioned to going through safari’s mobile experience of viewing content, or something akin to (pictures uploaded). It’s nice to be able to swipe up or away to regain precious inches in your screen, or not have that option at all due to the video being in a video UI (play, stop, rewind etc)

I can’t help but to feel like this one specific thing, would be a deal breaker to many and is causing user attrition rates to sky rocket.

This is easier to show than to explain. I’ve attached some screenshots so you can see how the viewing experience of video content is hindered.

I hope this feedback is perceived as helpful, and not from a place of complaint. I have linked the gif in question, which I hope one of the devs can go through a side by side comparison to see what I mean.

Thank you for this amazing app! I and I believe many others, will gladly give you our business once the app becomes fully fleshed out and can replace current popular mobile browsers.




I tried to upload multiple screenshots, but I received a popup stating “new users are limited to uploading a single image”
When I pressed [Create Topic]. Below is just one image, and a link to the gif. It has been a Very hard and arduous process to give feedback. I recommend checking out Fogg’s Behavioral Model, specifically Ability & Trigger for design best practices to at least improve ease of user feedback.

^ Brave: Gif vertical screen viewing experience


Gif used in screenshots on safari iOS & Brave iOS, as seen on Reddit’s front page:


Thanks, I’ll forward your suggestion to the dev team :slightly_smiling_face:

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