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Description of the issue: When I create a bookmark I can’t see if it’s saved, when I go to the 3 dots, it still says Add Bookmark.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Save a new bookmark
  2. Go to 3 dots and check Create Bookmark has changed to Edit Bookmark

Expected result: Change the Create Bookmark to Edit Bookmark

Brave Version( check About Brave): iOS 1.43

Mobile Device details iPhone 12

Additional Information:


You can check if the bookmark is saved by:

  1. Clicking the three dots
  2. Go to bookmarks
  3. Mobile Bookmarks

All your phone bookmarks will be saved there

Thanks for the suggestion, but like all other browsers, I want to be able to see it on that front screen. Also, I have all my bookmarks on the desktop bookmarks so that it syncs with my Mac and is cleaner plus easier to manage/find bookmarks.

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@CryptoBilly You’ve asked this before:

And Michal, developer for iOS, answered you:

I’m moving your topic over to #brave-feature-requests as might be a better spot for it. But likely going to stick to his same answer for the moment.

Yes it auto closed but I can’t use the app when it’s only half finished. Plus a developer doesn’t know what is good for a product. That’s where a “Community Ninja” like yourself (assuming you work there) is meant to step in and say yes this makes sense, add it to the backlog.

Nope. Community Ninja = User who spends way too much time helping other people. I’m not really anyone special, except been using Brave for a long time and due to being active, have gotten in touch with various people at Brave. But not like it’s not things other people can’t do. And no, I don’t get paid.

Untitled - Brave 10_5_2022 19_03_36

Sure they do. I mean, they listen in to suggestions on and consider it on a regular. But they have to look at how difficult something is, how it might impact the rest of the product, how many people are requesting a change, and a bunch more.

You see your prior post didn’t get a lot of attention, nobody responded to your Github, etc. The best way to try to get something introduced or changed is to get a lot of people requesting the same change. If it just seems like a handful of people requesting, it’s not going to become a priority.

Now, what you can also do is try to reach out to various people. I’m not going to tag them myself but I’ll put their Usernames. I mean, you can suggest it to michal again. You can tag in Mattches or SaltyBanana to see if they can help. Or you can even try to contact people like Anthony Keane over on Twitter, as he is another one who oversees most of the Mobile projects.

However, if they respond as has before, saying it’s just not something they are planning on any time soon, then there isn’t much you can do except try to get more Users showing interest. More people interested = more reasons for Brave to make it happen.

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Ah okay I like to help people too and this product has potential but if they don’t want to make changes like this that should be part of the initial design, then it’ll be a struggle to get more users.

I work in IT and developers say what is possible and then build that off what the business/customers want. My post did get some attention (more than most) and those that replied argued it should happen as the Android app already has it.

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Yeah, 289wk and I both responded and kind of advocated for it. At least in that post. Didn’t look to see if you had any others. I appreciate the suggestions and hope you aren’t taking me as being negative on it. Just trying to give some pointers and make sure we’re tracking to know it was mentioned before. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to see that myself. Big issue is kind of where to put it?

Top bar is kind of full. Might be able to slip it in on the bottom where you tap to switch tabs, open new tab, etc. And if I had to choose between ribbon design that’s on Android (which does what you’re talking about, shows if particular site is bookmarked and also gives easier access to bookmark, edit, or remove the bookmark) or the Bookmarks button that they have on iPhone, I think I’d rather have the Bookmarks button so I don’t always have to go Settings → Bookmarks to look for a bookmark I want to open.

Yeah definitely didn’t take it as being negative and just trying to help.

It could be simple, once you’ve saved the bookmark change the “Create Bookmark” menu option to “Edit Bookmark”. That’s how other browsers do it and makes sense.

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Is anyone else able to help? I don’t understand why this wouldn’t be on supports radar.

It’s on the radar, but it’s also not a priority. If you’re thinking/expecting they are just going to pick it up, drop everything else, and implement it, then you’ve got the wrong idea.

Most likely, it’ll be months or years before it gets touched. Like Michal said earlier, they don’t currently have the intent to change it at this time. There are other things taking priority.

WOW definitely didn’t expect them to drop everything, how did you get that from my reply? No wonder you assumed I might think you were being negative in your previous comment. You don’t sound like an advocate for the product!!!

It is a design flaw though. I’m organised so if I can’t see if a bookmark is saved or not it’s not usable for me, so I’ll just have to wait an unknown period of time.

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