View developer console for iphone

I would like to debug how my website looks on the Brave Browser running on my iPhone.

is this possible plugging my iphone into my MacBook and selecting an option in the Brave Browser?

On Safari this is done by selecting ‘Develop > iPhone’

Hi @driansharp,

If you are just wondering how your website would look like on an iPhone you should just be able to do it in the desktop version of the brave browser.

  1. When Brave is open press “Command+Option+C” for Mac or “Control+Shift+C” for linux/windows

Then you should have the dev console pop up, and normally detach it into another window. Shown in this screen shot.

  1. Then you should click the device toolbar. Shown in this screen shot

  2. When you click the device toolbar you can look at the browser and it will show the web page at the same size as your chosen device and you can choose from many devices, not just iPhone.
    Shown in this screen shot.

  3. If you don’t see iphone on the list you can click on “Responsive” and add from the long list of devices available and plan your media queries and responsive design accordingly to work on iPhone or any other device available and they also show you the number of pixels for each device.

You may have to do some fine tweaking to the final product and i would advise to do the final test on the device you wish to test on in the end, but right up until that point this should get you very close if not perfectly acceptable in for final design.

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