View Bookmark List with folders closed as default

I am on a Macbook Air, High Sierra. When viewing the Bookmark Manager page, it is not easy to view my bookmarks, with every folder open. There should be a default setting to have folders closed.

Hi @spacecowboy57,
Thanks for the feedback.

IIRC, the new Brave (the upcoming version that will replace the current Brave) have ability to do that (collapsable folder). if you like to try the early version.


Hello all,
-The same than Spacecowboy57 for me (iMac 27, Sierra)
-And also when i want to put a page in bookmark i can only choose “bookmark bar” or “other bookmarks” but how do i do to choose among my bookmark folders ?
-Is it possible to have a button to put pages in bookmarks instead to go in the menu bar ?
Thanks all and have a good day

and don’t forget to add

Saved Sessions

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And :
-When i import bookmarks from another browser that put the list in bookmark bar, so i have to classify them in “Other bookmarks” one by one… maybe we can have choice of the place to put them at the moment we import ?

-In the page of bookmarks i cannot change the place of them, they disappear

-So for the moment Brave is a good browser but not at all for bookmarks management

I know you work on it
Have a good day

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