View ads only when using browser

For the first time since switching to Brave mid-week, today I experienced an ad popping up over my word processor. I’m a writer and need to focus on what I’m doing with my work, and the ad was not only unexpected (I didn’t know Brave’s ads appeared over other programs), but so distracting it popped me right out of my work flow.

Brave was operating in the background as per usual, with 2 Ads per Hour set, and whereas I’d only seen the ads when actively using Brave, this was the first time it popped up over a third party program.

I love the idea of the rewards program, but would it be possible to add a (toggle?) option to have the ads only come up when Brave is actually being used (and not idle in the background)?

As it is, I’ll have to turn off the Ads completely, because I’m certainly not going to turn them on and off every time I hop onto a website for something and then leave again to go do something else, and I have zero interest in having the ads coming up when I’m working or gaming, etc… But I’m fine with them when I’m using the browser, whether for surfing or on social media or watching videos, etc.

A quick and easy solution to participate in the Ads rewards only when actively using Brave would be much appreciated!

Thanks for your time.