Videos on news websites do not play


Videos on news websites do not play. All I get is a blank black rectangle where the video should be playing. Tried on Fox, Infowars, Breitbart, etc.


Hello @jtoceans!
This definitely sounds like its related to adblocking/shields module. Also, you might wanna have a look at :


So you are saying turn off the ad blocking shield in order to watch videos? Doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose of the browser?


I’ve been having same issue on


For some reason this made Me laugh :joy:
However, the same issue was logged before regarding the videos on news channels. Developers had only 1 response I.e. what you saw in the thread I shared above.

Mate I’m just another common user on community trying to help but this issue is actually a glitch :frowning: can be/need to be solved by Devs who has access to code database.


I agree! And thanks for your input! A browser with ad blocking, tracking blocking, etc is what everyone wants, private browsing. but if you have to turn off the blocking to view anything or do anything, then the what’s the point? LOL
I am finding also that I can’t paste links into new posts on social site. Every other browser, with ad blocking turned on, with extensions turned on, allows it, but Brave…zilch!
Seems Brave is best just for browsing and reading text. Forget video, and even some pics won’t show up. :wink:


A combo of Firefox Quantum with uBlock + Privacy Badger killed the game of browsing. Smooth as silk without any issue. However I have a high network speed & noticeably good RAM so that could be a reason Firefox works like a charm for me. Some complaint about Firefox being heavy but as of now, not for me.


FYI these are all issues I see on iOS. Brave seems ok on laptop.


I’m talking about Android. Samsung S8+ :slight_smile: Korean Built 6Gigs & 128 ROM. Network 48mbps


I have noticed this problem on Fox, The Chive, and a site called Weasel Zippers. Breitbart has not been a problem at all. I have gotten the distinct impression that Fox deliberately downgrades both non-video and video content for users that will not whitelist them so they can show you ads. I assumed that was the issue on other sites as well, because if they cannot monetize you in some way, you aren’t someone they want on their site. I know nothing about how these issues play out on smart phones, but is it the case that there is a technical glitch with Brave that causes this, and not the deliberate actions of content providers?


If I absolutely must watch a news site video, I’ll just have to use Firefox. Most of what I do is read alt news stuff on Brave. If I watch Netflix, then Chrome (it’s the only thing I use Chrome for–I hate Google!) I have had enough issues with Brave (the scrolling thing, waiting forever for “untitled” tabs to open, etc etc.) to worry about watching a MSM news video once a week.


I am having similar problems on Facebook. The videos will not play. They play in my Safari Browser.


@Princess see this solution: Facebook video won't play with the shields up (Mac OS)


Hi @Princess,

Please update your Brave to the latest version 0.23.19. This version have a fix for this Facebook video issue.



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