Videos on not working

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The website loads up, but clicking on videos does not work.

The website is georestricted (it is the web site for France television) however even without a VPN: clicking on a video should display a warning message , to the effect that ‘the video is unavailable in your country’.

The above is the behaviour in Microsoft Edge.

I am on Windows 10 using Brave Version 0.68.26 Chromium: 75.0.3770.80 (Official Build) nightly (64-bit)

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I found a solution for this

The WebMedia Extensions don’t run unless you turn off Brave Shields

Clicking the Brave Shields button that looks like an orange lion icon and disable Brave Shields this will allow the media to run

Now if you are still having issues with requiring a VPN you are in luck because Brave has a built in privacy tab with Tor if you click that and then disable the Brave Shields again you shouldn’t have an issue

This will not affect the blocking of other ads Brave Shield does specific blocks of certain ads that are deemed harmful but the majority of ad traffic appears to not even happen on it’s simply just the web media extensions that are being blocked

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Your solution works perfectly ! Many thanks Sir !!

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